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Series : To See Your Body, 2021

new media installation
stone, single-channel video, 3’47”, color, stereo

 Unmoving ‘accidents’ take the form of memories of today like yesterday and tomorrow like today. Being able to be alone in a busy daily life is seen as a good reward, but after a certain moment it turns into an extreme sense of isolation. In this isolation, whether arbitrary or arbitrary, thought loses its way of sustaining itself. As if something that was clear lost its direction and wandered, and eventually even that fact disappeared. Of course, fundamental questions about myself arise from this, and they begin to attack themselves and repeat without finding a specific way. And it's definitely not just the way of thinking that's hardening here.
[Art note]

《In The Middle Line : To See Each Other》(2021, RASA, Seoul, KR), installation view


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