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《Space, folded Feeling》(2023, Plast, Leipzig, Germany), installation view

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A Short Essay on New Sense, 2021

video installation (55 inch monitor) 
single-channel video, 6’41”, color, sound(stereo)

How will our physical space be affected by today's virtual space?
And what do we feel about it? How do seeing and hearing become increasingly different?

Under the influence of the coronavirus, virtual life, which has rapidly accelerated, is rapidly changing everyday life. The movement of the body slowed down, and the inherent weight of the body became more palpable to us. However, on the contrary, we met more and more virtual spaces, information, and anonymous people in one place, which made us feel fragmentary time and weight like a thin screen. The lightness spreads faster, and it now easily penetrates even the real space. Entering the real space into the virtual is now pointless. The expanding virtual space now demands a place in the real space.
Every time the impact of the corona virus diminishes little by little, our movements are expanding again. This is also true of virtual movements. A new balance is being created in the fast passage of time. We should be able to feel our senses closely in it.

[from the artnote]

《Space, folded Feeling》(2023, Plast, Leipzig, Germany), installation view



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