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Daily Life-Dance(part.1), 2021 [L]

variable installation 
mirror, stone, sand, mixed material, ready made
*The table was used as a pedestal at the time.

Daily Life-Dance-12(part.2), 2021 [R]

variable installation 
korean paper, stone, sand, picture frame, LED, mixed material, ready made

《In The Middle Line : To See Each Other》(2021, RASA, Seoul, KR), installation view

Art Note

Dance with repetition

Who put this sentence on me?

*one day, meaninglessness suddenly came.*

It is sudden. This moment always is.
Just before this, an vortex of unknown emotions is with me.
There is a eye in the center of it and the inside is came.
However, there is no eye in this sudden occurrence.
There is only an unknown black universe expanding explosively.
It is not, at least, stillness to be there.
It is clear that this universe is very unkind to us.
The universe has no obligation to make us understand.
Is it really a luxury to be disappointed with it?

*“Nothing that happens in front of you is telling me anything.Everything is strange in the eyes of my destiny. Even fate itself does not know them.It is a stone thrown by accident and an echo of an unknown voice.*
- Unconsciousness and wealth without meaning or thought are all mixed together. This is life.”*
*Fernando Pessoa in <Livro do Desassossege>*

*"How did I get into this world? Why didn't I get that question? Why was it pushed into people without even hearing the explanation of the rules and regulations? How did I get caught up in this huge project of reality? Why should I get involved? Isn't that a matter of my choice? And if I have to get involved, where is the custodian? I have something to say about this, but why is there no custodian?*
*Soren kierkegaard <repetition>, 1843*

'Hey, I'm sorry. It's a little uncomfortable to face you right now.'
'You didn't choose to be b.....o..r..n..'.

I pour out a lot of complaints, but in the end it's meaningless, well.

*'The stage equipment suddenly collapses. Wake up, tram, four hours in the office or factory, meals, sleep, following the same rhythm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. This route runs smoothly most of the time. Then one day,'Why' raises his head and everything begins with boredom and amazement.'*
*Albert Camus '<The Myth of Sisyphus : Der Mythos des Sisyphus>*

The thoughts in this state are bitten and stretched too complexly, resulting in a heavy emotional mass.
At this time, how many people can purely look into myself?
Somehow, in the dark, I make a comparison with the lives of the worlds that I am delusional with, and suddenly, in this uncertain comparison, I am, by any chance, being rejected from them.
Didn't you get along with them and wonder if you were living well?
It's absurd, but it's okay.
Wouldn't the moment when you can only add weight and value to your time and daily life give you the stability to admit the absurdity as it is? The stability is irregular and will often be forgotten. Praying to keep with the weight. Who knows?
We're going to be okay one way or the other.
This, too, may be instantaneous...

Day jung


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